About Edwin J Nunez The Founder and Creative Director

Edwin J. Nunez is the founder and creative director of The Blue Hill American Denim company. He has designed for the biggest and leading American brands such as Levi's, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors.

In order to keep the brand's DNA truthful and original, every other year Edwin travels to the bustling cities of the world. While researching their culture, He makes it a priority to meet people from all walks of life, he spends time working with everyone as a fully involved assistant for a typical work day, working hard to complete every task as best he can despite the discomfort in order to get the authentic feel that he puts into his collections. He then establishes a sustainable system before using the latest materials in the product. This gives The Blue Hill American Denim Company a full body of personalization. 

"To understand the purpose and functionality of fabric or style you must experience how the characteristic of each item originates"  -EJN

Edwin's History

Nunez was born in Harlem, New York City to a seamstress and an auto mechanic, as a child growing up in the upper west sidehe attempted to assimilate both occupations by helping both his mother with designing and pattern making and father with fixing cars over the weekend. In High school he charmed his way into an internship at a well-known hip hop publication called “the source magazine”, where he worked as a stylist assistant to the fashion director for a year and a half, leading him to become a stylist to some of the biggest celebrities in the music industry. Edwin combined his knowledge of design and pattern making to produce some of the music iconic wardrobes. While working as a stylist, Sean “Diddy” Combs offered him an opportunity to consult for his Sean John clothing line. Shortly after, Edwin secured a position as a designer in the company; rocketing his design career. 

In 2006, Edwin became one of the lead designers at Levi's in San Francisco, California. He was responsible for the BMX collection, adding stretch and safety details to jeans. He also contributed to Levi’s Eco collection by formulating an eco-friendly system that would later be distributed throughout Levi’s products. Inspired and motivated by starting new projects, Edwin returned to New York City to help start a few new clothing companies. He became the fashion industry’s startup engineer, by creating original designs, production and distribution systems, these companies grew like well-oiled machines. 

In 2012, Edwin’s childhood dream job became a reality. He was offered a job at Ralph Lauren, where he worked as a denim designer. The RL lifestyle was a life-changing experience, where the idea of becoming the next Ralph Lauren was inspired. Edwin studied, researched and embedded Ralph’s industry strategies in order to apply it to his own brand. He later trademarked The Blue Hill American Denim Company. At the time Edwin understood that an idea is nothing without action and great timing. He continued to move forward in assisting companies like Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors and London Fog outerwear reinvent themselves.

In 2014 He continued to elevate his career by becoming the creative director of the 100-year-old military watch company;  Benrus, where he turned the company into a lifestyle brand. In November of that year, He also worked with a manufacturer that was looking into becoming a sustainable establishment. The timing was perfect, he introduced The Blue Hill American Denim Company and its ideas for a modern functional brand. It took them about a year to get the patterns and materials just right, as soon as the prototypes samples were ready Edwin put his experience of working at Levi's to use, he conducted about five focus group that helped finalize the direction and customer of the brand giving him the correct placement in the market. 

In 2015 the brand was released to the world when bluehillamerican.com went live. 

in 2017, the year began with a bang as The Blue Hill American Denim Company is in the investment capital's radar. The brand will continue to grow as Edwin's network grows.