The Blue Hill American Denim Co.


Our iconic Blue Hill American Denim Company logo represents the embodiment of the fibers of who we are as people, We're building our community through hard work, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial vision. The core of our American dream and the idea of freedom was built on innovation, diversity, and the creative spirit in each and every one of us. The Blue Hill American icon is designed to inspire that one can actualize their goals through leadership with the support of our community.  


The Blue Hill American Denim Company was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide the men's man with authentic premium, functional, high quality, stylish denim, and other goods at a fair price. We have built a reputation for our excellent attention to details, fit, comfort and durable quality. Our extreme soft 100% Pima cotton t-shirts and one of a kind selvedge jeans slowly but surely became an underground staple in closets around the world. 


As time passed, so too have the needs of our consumers. In 2017, as the term “blue collar” became a regular theme in the United States media, we re-imagined The Blue Hill American men under the workwear concept, by combining premium quality with performance features. Our newest knee-flex denim jeans and multi-pocket denim jackets are among the best functional items we have ever produced.

In 2019 we are taking details to a new level and releasing the “Blue Note” collection. To introduce new evolving fabrics and styles, The creative director is featuring his humorous technical notes on the selected product, and the design team has cooked up new functional items that will blow the industry away.


 As a company with 6 years in e-commerce, we know our consumers through great customer service,  we carry focus groups and then service their needs by continuously improving our fits, introducing new fabrics, raising our quality control and presenting innovating functional styles with new techniques.


In the short time since the launch of the "blue collar" collection, The Blue Hill American has been worn worldwide from the streets of New York to the lands of Asia. Our jeans and t-shirts have been praised by all of our customers and have been worn by some of the top celebrities including A-list actors, Grammy award-winning artists, and other top influencers. While the design details, functional feature, and hardware elements have changed over time, our commitment and dedication to providing authenticity, the best quality, guaranteed durability, and great service have always held firm