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entrepreneur: When asked, "What has been the most difficult part of growing your business?" Edwin J. Nunez answered, "timing." But timing is what got Nunez to where he is today. The son of a seamstress and a mechanic, he was able to put his mother and father’s influences to life with his clothing line, @bluehillamerican.

Nunez has designed for some of the biggest American brands such as Levi's, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors. But it wasn't until 2012 when he was working at Ralph Lauren that Nunez was inspired to create his brand. He noticed that Ralph Lauren didn’t accommodate the blue-collar worker, the manly men who got their hands dirty like his father. With that in mind, he created a men’s line made to cater to that particular man, which isn’t seen too often in the fashion industry. “I like to consider myself a men’s man. I love cars, games, sports, getting my hands dirty. Ralph Lauren just doesn’t cater to that type of man.“ At the time Nunez understood that an idea is nothing without great timing so he continued to move forward in assisting other companies. Finally, all the work he did for others paid off for himself. In May of 2015, he released The Blue Hill American Denim Company to the public. “Blue Hill” represents a mountain of jeans, while the rest of the name is a tribute to the original blue-collar companies.

As for the future of the clothing line? Nunez sees the company continue to go right, while everyone else is going left. (📝: @aaaandreah 📷: @an_outfit_for_you)




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