MH1 - masked HOODIE 1 MADE IN 2017




9 Pocket Salvedge Denim JAX1 Jacket

MH1 - MASKED HOODIE 1 made from our Climate Motion® Fleece crew neck sweatshirt. 

We designed a built in mask hoodie way back in 2017 knowing that one day it will be much needed in the market.

Look at us now! 

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2019 BC_AD


XXXX = Variable Year of Justice in America

Speaking from the heart to the people. Our message rises to full heights as we emphasize greater attention to social injustice, free speech, our freedom, equality, unity and motivation for action. 

                                                              Fight For Freedom

Reason for the name

We have been having some strong conversations about the name I chose for the brand. @bluehillamerican most people I speak to say that the brand’s name is a resemblance of the state the country is in. That it feels like we made it for the blue bloods. It does not. Here is the breakdown on the name. Blue represents Jeans. Hill represents the mountain of jeans you see when you walk into a denim factory. American represents that we design it in the USA.

All together the name means. A company that focus mostly on jeans.

I don’t want to feel insecure about the name I chose because cops all over the world tainted the color blue, so now I am on a mission to change that perspective on the color blue. Stand with us while we stand for social injustice, equality and unity.

-Edwin Nunez

Creative Director